Support for RentalPro

System Requirements

  • Requires a data connection to function.
  • Apple iOS version works on any iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone with OS versions 3.1-5.1.
  • Android version works on release 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, and 2.2 devices.
  • Detailed Instructions

    Install and Run the App

    iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad: Install directly from the App Store or through your computer with iTunes. Follow our link to iTunes or click on App Store icon from your device, and search for 'rentalpro'

    Android: Install from your phone or PC by visiting the Android Marketplace.

    Fill Out Your Info

    RentalPro is super easy to use- just fill out each page, and then click next to proceed to the next page. On the final page, you'll find the button to send your lease.

    Page 1: Enter landlord and tenant names, property address, and (optionally) phone numbers and emails. Choose the type of lease and enter the starting date. Enter amount of rent due and due date, security deposit, late date and fee, and key deposit.

    Most of the default options after page 2 are fine for typical leases. Optionally you may choose who pays utilities, and if there are parking spots, a garage, pets allowed, pet deposit, the rent due date and late date, whether the unit is furnished, additional tenants, disclosure of hazardous materials, and more. Check that these options are correct for you, and pay particular attention to the disclosure portion

    If you need to attend to other business or answer a call, the app will save what you have worked on for your future use. You can also save up to three properties within the app for future use. You should also save a backup of the lease by saving the email you receive.

    Get Your Custom Lease

    Click 'Send'- if the landlord's or tenant's emails were specified they will be used otherwise enter an email address on the compose screen.

    As long as the device's email account is properly set up, you can again click send on the email compose screen that pops up. That's it! The landlord and tenant will receive the emailed lease.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ Answers

    1. Can I edit the lease once I get it?
      Yes, the document is an rtf which can be edited on just about any platform.
    2. How do I print my document?
      You can print the lease to a desktop computer using your email or a cloud service like Dropbox, or on your mobile device use one of the many printing apps available including AirPrint (by simply emailing it to yourself).


    RentalPro was extensively tested for smooth operation. If you encounter a problem, please Contact Us immediately.