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Saving a pdf Form by Printing

How to save a copy of a pdf form when the save option is disabled

posted by Mischa Lockton, last updated on Oct. 1, 2010


On certain pdf forms including generated forms such as the iPleading template, the user rights settings prevent the form from being modified and then subsequently saved.

The workaround for this described below will allow the form to be filled out and saved, the caveat is once saved, no further changes may be made.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional, while expensive, will allow you to save modified forms without this workaround. This is the ideal solution for those that work with PDF's often professionally. Alternatives such as Aloaha promise much of the functionality of Acrobat at a lower price point.

Install PDF Printing Software

  • PDF printing software uses a virtual printer to 'print' or save files to your computer's hard drive.

  • Once installed, PDF printing software will allow you to save PDF's from any software that can print, including from a PDF reader and Office.

  • Here are some recommended free options to try:

Print to Hard Drive

  • Choose 'File' -> 'Print' from the file you want to save, i.e. a filled out iPleading

  • Choose the PDF printer installed above in your printer selector.

  • Then choose a place to save the file, i.e. the desktop or some folder on the hard drive.